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The great brain shrink

Well, If anyone still reads this stuff I now offer a collective montage of madness that has recently permeated my calvarium. Brain shrink certainly comes to mind. This phenomena is directly associated with the beneficent largess of the Obama administration. A crowd that through the implementation of a Western Europe political model now thinks for us. It is clear that disuse atrophy is in play. The old use it or lose it axiom, now in full swing, will certainly shrink our collective cerebral hemispheres. If that isn’t enough does the name Ron Paul make you crazy. Perhaps not, he certainly appeals to a large constituency of voters who believe Iran and the bozo who heads that government pose no threat. I think other wise, particularly because the Obama crowd has just cut our military budget. You really should remember that the drivel in my blogs is supposed to be about fish. My argument is that what is going on in the belt-way is fishy as hell. Want more, well if you believe Obama care has to go, then you need to light a candle for Gingrich or Santorum I believe that either of these guys as president would trash this piece of crap the second their hand came off the Bible at the big “swear in”. If Romney is the new president, well it will be a “laugh in”. Get it? That guy is a moderate who digs socialized medicine. So HOORAY. We don’t need a brain anymore. The government knows best.
I apologize for the huge void in my blog-dom. The fact is that the presidential race now in full swing is an even greater catalyst in Brain shrink then I could ever imagined. Oh yes, just one more thing. If you happen to be part the crowd that embraces re-distribution of assets and of course class warfare as orchestrated by Mr. Obama then it is clear to me. Your brain has already shrunk to the point where reading Atlas Shrugged wouldn’t register. Have a nice glass of cool-aid! More later, I am going fishing.

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Bin Laden’s legacy

Trofim Denisovich Lysenko, a Soviet Biologist successfully crafted one of the greatest hoaxes to ever infiltrate the scientific community. His thesis embraced the concept of “Inheritance of acquired characteristics”. This theory held that alterations in the anatomy of an organism would emerge in the progeny of subsequent generations. An example of this nonsense would suggest that if you shaved a rat, leaving only a small patch of hair in a specific area and further removed his toes…BINGO. Generations of naked, bearded rats that were unable to toe dance. What is amazing is that this theory was embraced by Stalin and it was not until 1964 when Khruschehev fell from power that Soviet Biology entered the 20th Century by rejecting this drivel.
So what the hell am I talking about and what the hell does this have to do with fishing?
Usama (check the spelling) Bin Laden’s demise, an event heralded as a monumental achievement throughout most of the world, should give us something to carefully consider.
We all know that Bin Laden was consigned to Davy Jones locker rather than a traditional land based resting place. This of course defused the possibility of a shrine and Greater heights of Martyrdom. Now, consider this, if before he was consigned to the depths, shrouded in a white sheet like a giant tampon, and certain changes had been made, perhaps…well, follow me through.
If Captain Baja had been consulted I would have made the following changes. Prior to his consignment to the depths I would have carefully removed Mr. Bin Laden’s flowing facial hirsute adornment. A clean shave would have negated the possibility of the following postulate.
As the remains descended into the depths, this now lifeless clump of protein would doubtless have been consumed by fishes, eels and any number of organisms encountering this clean shaven tidbit. It follows that these organisms would ultimately meet their demise and settle to the bottom of the sea.
Now lets just suppose that Lysenko was right. If the cadaver had not enjoyed a clean shave and as the full-bearded body now reduced to simple strands of genetic material was ultimately ingested by those who dwell at these depths, well, we might now assign to Mr. Bin Laden the ultimate accolade. Yes! You got it, Usama has given us THE BEARDED CLAM!

Knowledge trumps ego

Big egos and all of the killers and braggers, take note. The captain has news for those of you who believe you posses the quintessential knowledge that allows you to ascend the throne of grand wizardry. You really need to keep your mind open, to be sharp and alert and to accept the fact that someone perhaps knows more than you. You can inject this observation with total validity into any discipline,  for the moment lets start with fishing. This morning I spent a glorious day in San Diego bay. I shared this day with a good friend who by the way is as good as they come with a rod and reel. He also possess a keen knowledge about where, how, when and just about everything else you need to know about fishing these waters. Little things that I have spoken about in other postings creep into the equation that makes my friend special. Things like reading the water, looking for currents and rips and keeping your eyes open for any pockets in rocks or jetties that might hold fish. Our adventure began early in the gray of the morning. The tide was incoming and was certain to create currents that would make the fish eager to bite.  We targeted Calico bass and fished the jetty at the entrance to San Diego Bay. What I really want to say here is that although I know a a great deal about fishing, I damn sure don’t know it all and I sure as hell learned a thing or two about catching Calicos in S.D. bay during this adventure.  Not only does my friend really read these waters, he also makes his own plastic worms, swim baits and whatever else it takes to kick ass. In the past, I have given him some ideas about fly fishing, fly tying and reading trout waters. This morning he gave me some stuff to put into my arsenal when it comes to catching Calicos, something that a lot of folks believe is impossible in S.D. bay. We had a great time. Laughing, and catching and releasing a lot of fish (I did keep enough for a delicious meal with my wife, who likes fresh calico) and at the end of the day acknowledging to each other that we had a FUN day. I am proud to say that my friend out- fished me without mercy. I caught a lot, he caught a lot more. Having said that, I was the big winner today because I came away with knowledge that enhances my arsenal coupled with observations that make me a better angler.
Now for the bigger question. Wouldn’t it be terrific if the crowd in Washington acknowledged the fact that they don’t know it all? Perhaps they might learn something by keeping open minds and benefiting from others who perhaps know a little more.
Oh, here I go again trodding on the toes of our President and his minions. People who clearly already know everything. Perhaps if they all learned to fish and in turn carried a little humility from this experience into other areas of their collective existence, the country would be better for it.  Of course I could be wrong, but for me this was a very good day.

Are we having fun?

Are we having fun yet? This is what I asked myself when I spent a recent afternoon with a group of academics. It seems that two absolutes are in play when it comes to the University aka PHD types. These unbending traits are seemingly rampant throughout this crowd and unfortunately they resonate into the lecture halls of our sacred institutions of higher learning. Have you guessed it yet? That’s right, you connected immediately. We of course are talking about liberalism. So, you may ask what is the other absolute in the equation? That is the one that is incomprehensible. Here it comes…Academics don’t fish! If I haven’t lost you by now, let me continue.
Academics don’t live in the real world. They can teach it but they haven’t done it. It is easy to be liberal with some one else’s money. I submit that the reward of active participation in the market place, where you really put it on the line, gives you a better perspective about what made this country great. When you start a business or a company and risk your own capital and have overhead expenses and payroll and management exigencies you begin to think conservatively. That is to say you become more accountable, self reliant and more sensitive to the needs of your employees and others. If you don’t measure up in these areas, you fail.
The universities do one hell of a job preparing our future leaders by offering the best education in any area you can mention. What they fail to do is to speak about the real world. Our students, through out their college years, are bombarded by liberal crap. The PHD doesn’t know anything else because he, or she, was subjected to the same crap during their college years. Fortunately when reality bites the graduating student may figure out that there is something out there called conservatism. When this happens the country is better for it. The GDP improves, employment up-tics, more revenue in taxes flows into the government tills because more people are making money and the revitalized economy makes our country stronger. Meanwhile the academics continue the same mantra, the same drivel you hear from the Hollywood crowd and the beat goes on.
So what I am getting at is this. The fact is that liberalism is for everyone but the liberal. When it comes to redistribution of wealth the liberal embraces it, but it should not be his wealth. A similar thesis is in play with respect to the doctrine of universal entitlements. Why in the hell is any one entitled to anything unless they have earned it? I submit that many liberals are losers who never worked hard to learn a skill. I submit that they are lazy and would rather sit on their verandas waiting for free stuff (entitlements}. Some one (maybe an academic) might want to tell these losers that all the free stuff came from the taxes that the producers of wealth paid into the federal government. Further that the providers of this largess aka our government redistributes this money in many cases to garner those precious votes that keep them in office.
Finally I have a solution for this reverberating delema. Conservatives must unite and foster legislation requiring all academics, PHD types and in fact everyone associated with education at any level to learn to fish. Just think, If this crowd could embrace the joys that fishing brings they might soon learn that conservatism is a good thing. They might learn that earning the money to purchase good equipment and the development of the equipment itself came from hard work. They might even tell their students that there is something out there called conservatism.
Are we having fun Yet? I can’t speak for you but I am going fishing

I am back

Hello again lovers of the sea and all of the magic therein. Let me preface my usual drivel with a sincere apology for my extended delay in postings. It seems that tempest fugits when you are having fun. Oh yes, fun has been in abundance. Great skiing in Mammoth and elsewhere. Fishing in Panama, Costa Rica and Nicaragua has given me all I need in my ongoing quest for angling knowledge, and hopefully a better handle on fish behavior.
Some of the new stuff out there is worth a second look. I really like the new power pro line. No, I am not in sales. This new stuff casts really well and seems to be the best yet!
Also check out some of the new reels from Shimano. Much lighter, smaller, and built to abuse. Right now I am going fishing. The yellows are on a rampage in the Loreto area so I am sure that those of you who read this stuff know where I will be. Enjoy. CB


Some of you may be curious as to why the Capt. has been so quiet. The lack of postings may suggest that I have gone into hiding, lost my zeal for fishing, or lost my mind as a result of the ongoing insanity in the body politic. Rest assured that none of the above is true with the exception of my concern over the administration’s consistent failure to listen to the voice of the citizens and to take an occasional look at the U.S. Constitution.
So what have I been doing? As strange as it may seem I have been fishing, what else? Of greater importance, I have been researching the cause of what has become a very perplexing summer in terms of water temp, distribution of fish populations, bait availability and other stuff that might be of interest to the crowd who fishes in Baja or on the west coast for that matter.
The signal that something very strange was afoot started early this year (2010} when there was a noticable lack of bait at many of the usual productive areas in the sea of Cortes. The water columns were devoid of nutrients and the fish populations, although in relative abundance, were hungry. This accounted for relatively decent angling in places like Mulege and Loreto etc., if you were lucky enough to make bait. The strange phenomena of a broad band of very warm water moving north in the middle of the gulf of Calif. raised additional questions. You may remember that in one of my earlier postings I spoke about the concentration of billfish and Wahoo embedded in this water column. Add to this the appearence of Sword fish and the puzzle becomes more challenging.
As of this posting we see water temps unusually cold in certain areas of the gulf of Calif. This has been observed on the west as well. The albacore and tuna bite so eagerly anticipated by the San Diego sport fleet has been markedly affected by this phenomena. So what causes this change in sea temp. and water conditions? There are a number of factors at play and one of the most important ones is that there have been few major storms off of the southern Mexican coast. This translates to colder water all along the west coast, both in Baja and Southern Calif. as well. The major band of albacore and tuna are therefore several hundred miles west and may well remain out of reach of the San Diego fleet unless we see certain changes occur. If we see big storms coming out of the Gulf of Tehuantepec this could create warmer water and better fishing. If we see some changes in the upwelling and the currents that are usually present at this time of year this might also improve things. I am in touch with some of my pals who call themselves oceanographers and they promise me more information regarding all of this stuff. So, when I find more info. I promise to post it.
Meanwhile, there is one hell of a sand bass bite just south of San Diego if you like that sort of thing!


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It has been a while since I have had any new ideas to share. In the past few weeks I have enjoyed traveling the sea of Cortez on a beautiful sport-fisher. A very close friend who also chooses to remain anonymous owns this vessel. We are equipped with the latest electronic marvels and fish finding devices. Of greater importance is the fact that everyone on board knows how to fish and does so for the right reasons.
Let me briefly give you a quick update on what is going on in the Gulf. We traveled from the East Cape as far north as Loreto. We found an abundance of billfish in ever increasing numbers the further north we traveled. As of this writing I can report that there is a huge population of Marlin located East North East of Loreto these fish are in a temperature break that is located from 45 to 60 nautical miles off the beach on the above mentioned heading. Even more interesting is the fact that these fish are also accompanied by a lot of Wahoo. These “Ono” are biggies, up to 65 lbs plus. The Capt. recommends a full tank of mackerel but short of that do the following. Drag marauders close in the wheel water. On the surface I would drag Zukors all in the mean Joe green pattern. Just a quick aside, the smart money, in my opinion, is to drag all the same pattern. The logic is that it may look more like a group of similar baitfish thereby attracting billfish. When I change patterns I like to change them all for this reason. I have found over the years that this little secret seems to work very well for me. That is enough of my crazy ideas. Suffice to say that there is a good jag of fish in the location I have mentioned. If you have the boat, the range, and the talent you are well advised to look this area over.
Now for the rant you knew was coming. Perhaps you recall, if you have been reading this drivel, my term for the guys that in my opinion fish for the wrong reasons. I call them the braggers and killers, the “BKs”. The other evening I was enjoying a delicious wahoo dinner with my fishing pals at a very nice restaurant in Cabo. We couldn’t help overhearing the strident conversation coming from the next table. These guys were discussing and attempting to describe the greatest fisherman {anglers} around Baja. Their criteria seemed to center around tournaments, how much money the angler had made and a repetitious round of name-dropping. These guys equated “A good fisherman” to fiscal and tournament standards as if angling skills were entirely related to these issues. My take from a lifetime of fishing with some of the best rod and reel men on the planet who feel as I do, is that these guys have forgotten what the game is about, or perhaps they never knew. Remember this, if it floats your boat that is just fine. That is to say, if tournaments, name dropping and letting everyone know that you are one of the varsity BKs and are well connected with the other entire expert BKs, then so be it. This same crowd likes to talk about all the “Captains” who operate the vessels that seem to prevail in many of these tournaments. To hear the guys at the next table seemingly deify these “Captains” challenges my ability of comprehension. You should know that these “Captains” get their information from a host of sources including coding with other boats, gathering constant input from pangeros, sometimes using spotter planes and being on station for many hours on a daily basis. Armed with as much information as possible is of course smart, but don’t kid yourself. At the end of the day the fish are where you find them. You certainly need a heads up crew that can properly clear the decks, leader a fish, Gaff, and do all the stuff. So why do these guys think the tournament crew has the ultimate handle on rod and reel expertise? Why don’t they figure it out? I will attempt to simplify. The best rod and reel men I know fish because they love the sport. It is not about bragging rights, money, trophies or ego gratification. It is about doing what you love to do and taking personal satisfaction in the fact that you and your pals do it well. Simply stated, it is about having fun and not about prize money. Sadly I realize that the crowd who does not share my philosophy far outnumbers guys like me. That is to say the BKs are on the increase and that is what makes a ball game. Don’t forget one thing. There are legions of anglers who have fished since they were kids who could certainly tell the “Captains” a thing or two about technique, water columns, current breaks and a host of other factors I have addressed in other blogs. Finally I have no axe to grind with the tournament crowd. But they and those who worship at their table need to know that they are not necessarily the best rod and reel men on the planet.

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Just a quickie on what is happening. Some of this info. has come from my pals, but I am sure it is all good. First,  forget Cabo. The marlin have vanished. There are a few Dorado and the same with tuna.  Don’t waste your time at Cabo. If you simply have to hook a billfish go to Ixtapa! Loreto is still producing quality Yellows. You can catchum at Cholla, Pulpito and all the usual spots. I am sworn to secrecy regarding some spots but if you ask around the launch ramp at Puerto escondido you will probably get some answers. Yesterday morning I fished Rocca Montana ( Montana rock) at the south end of Cerralvo island. The area is really starting to go off with Pargo Lisa and soon there will be Cubera snappers. I have just been advised that bait is still very tough in  the Loreto area.  Additionaly the wind is driving everyone nuts upand down the sea of cortes. I gotta go, this morning is inshore Rooster time!



I have recently been bombarded with questions regarding the most important single factor in catching fish. Well, simply stated, there is no answer to this question.
There are however a couple of things I might suggest, things that have worked consistently for me that might be of value to you. I have been fortunate to have known and fished with professionals all of my life. These have included commercial guys, sport fishing operators, fly fishing guides from just about everywhere and all the other serious guys who fish and gave me the gift of their wisdom since I was a little kid.
So how to answer your question? The fact that my fishing adventures are now for the most part centered in Baja makes it a little easier to address this challenging query.
The one common thread that all the people mentioned above embraced was very simple. By way of reflection I would say it is certainly as important, if not the most important thing that they or I do to improve the odds of having a successful day. What I am going to suggest is particularly important if you are consistently fishing specific area. This would include reefs, high spots, structure, wrecks, GPS Co-ordinates, or your favorite trout stream.
So…Hang on. Here it comes! Keep a log (DUH) Sounds like a pain in the ass however if you jot down all the following information each and every time you fish, you will discover that this information is invaluable in yielding a very predictable barometer from year to year, place to place, and fish for fish. The necessary data is simple.
1. Date and location fished.
2. Conditions (glassy, wind velocity and direction). And additional notes you might add.
3. Current direction and force.
4. Tide. Incoming? Outgoing? Slack?
5. Water temp. Color.
6. Was there bait or life in the area? Don’t forget time of day that the bite was on.
7. What you caught. Was the bite wide open or scratch and where in the water column were they eating?
That just about sums it up. Simple huh? BUT! If you will just take the time to do this stuff you will find that over time and through the years you will assemble a mass of irreplaceable knowledge. Knowledge that is simply unavailable to most people. This is how the professionals do it. This is how I do it. Again your question was something about the most important single factor in catching fish. Well, you have my answer. There must be a thousand others but this is one hell-of-a-place to begin. This information will also give you a jump- start in terms of not talking to the” B.Ks. ( you will recall these are Braggers and Killers); something you never want to do. If you are interested, it’s a beautiful morning here in the east cape. Flat calm sea and no wind. I expect to have a great day with my fishing pals and to once again experience the magic of the marvelous sea of Cortez. Oh yes, I am checking my log book! I really like to have a leg up!
One more thing. My apologies for my earlier political rant. Lets leave that garbage to the attorneys from NYU and Harvard.; a bunch of …holes who don’t know how to fish.


From my vantage point at the East Cape in Baja I have just witnessed a phenomena that always amazes me. The sun rising in the east and emerging as if out of the water and producing the brilliant green flash that many of you are familiar with. The wind is fierce and relentless this morning so fishing is out of the question although the potential for great action is out there once the wind subsides. For want of a better thing to do I turned on the radio and as we speak I am subjected to the thrassonical bombast of politicians, pontificating about the pending vote on Medicare legislation. In my attempt to put all this into perspective I began to think about why we do what we do. How come I, and those of you who read my wild descanting, love to fish and enjoy a challenging day on the water? How is it that the maniacs otherwise known as our elected leaders don’t have enough sense to go fishing rather then to screw around with our lives and in so doing run the country into trillions of debt while trying to ram a questionable health bill up our collective rear ends? My column is supposed to be about fishing and fun but the crap I am listening to on the air is no fun.
I f you are still with me let me make a point. If we talk about life and metaphorically liken it to a PARADE there are some interesting observations to be made. From my perspective there are only five types or groups of people who make up the PARADE.
1. These are the people who conceived, orchestrated and started the parade. These are the entrepreneurs, the movers and shakers, the risk takers, the creative minds that led our country to be, in my opinion, the greatest nation on earth.
2. Next comes the crowd that leads the parade. They are the up front people who are self reliant, creative and individually responsible. They could be corporate leaders who collectively provide millions of jobs in this country. They could be researchers who provide a host of creative and innovative things that enrich our lives. They are the engines that run our economy and make our country strong.
3. This group is the largest of all. These are the folks that make up the main body of the parade. We are talking about Middle America here. The hardworking men and women who paid attention in school. The people who operate small business. You know, the butcher, the baker etc. The people who show up at parent teacher night and are participating in tea parties all over the country because they are afraid of losing the country to the Washington crowd that seems hell bent on controlling our collective lives.
4. Now! In the number four position is the crowd who sits on their collective Asses and watches the parade go by!
5. Finally there is the group that NEVER EVEN KNEW there was a parade!
There you have it. These, however convoluted, are my thoughts. If you are with me perhaps you find yourself concerned as I am, regarding the insanity that is taking place today as Congress attempts to embark on taking greater control of our lives.
Additionally, just a thought about group 4 and 5 from above. This crowd believes in the doctrine of universal entitlements. They see themselves as victims who should be recipients of the wealth created by the evildoers in groups 1, 2 and 3. They believe that the greedy corporations have somehow taken wealth from them. They hate America and want what is due them. Never mind participating in the market place and heaven forbid becoming a contributor. Better to let big daddy that is to say, the federal government, orchestrate your life. Lets put it another way. We have in the good old USA two classes of people; the recipients and the providers. I wish I could take take credit for the following quote that I first heard on one of the evil conservative talk shows. “ To the wants and needs of the recipients from the rights of the providers.” That just about says it all. If the congress passes this bill welcome to 30 million more recipients!
Please forgive me for this rant. It all started because the wind was blowing, I couldn’t go fishing, and I turned on the Radio. If you are in-group 4 or 5 and this vote passes, well, God bless you. If you are in-group 1, 2 or 3 in the parade then God help you. I now intend to refocus on fishing and all the good things. Lets leave the politics to the politicians who will do what the hell they please anyway to remain in power. I refer of course to the politicians who with no doubt come from group 4 and 5 in the parade of life